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My name is Jamie and I am the owner and designer of Beehive 95 Designs. It has always been my dream to be able to create for a living, so I am beyond excited to finally open my own website!


I have been selling a variety of items including jewelry, clothing, and art on Etsy for over 10 years. I am now gradually moving my products onto this new site! Since I am a one person small business, it will take some time for all of my products to be available here and not all sizes and styles may be available immediately. In the meantime you are still welcome to shop these items in my Etsy shops (links below).


I appreciate all your support on this journey!

with love,




I understand ordering from a new site can sometimes be worrisome. That's why I've created this section on our site to make you feel confident about purchasing from my shop! Below are some featured reviews from our two Etsy shops. Both of my shops have 5-star ratings with over 2700 sales combined. I've also included links to both of our Etsy shops so you can see for yourself!

Over 1300 Sales  |  290+ reviews

"My wife loved this hoya poster. It's a great design and will go perfectly with her plant area." - Andy

"This was PERFECT. My best friend is a huge plant person and this is the most perfect gift! I cannot wait to give it to her! I can’t say enough good things. I would definitely order from your shop again!!" - Kaitlynn

"This is such an amazing design! I love it and I am a very happy customer. Will be buying from this shop again! Great customer service. Great product high quality product and design." - Kellie

Over 1400 Sales  |  250+ reviews


"Beautiful!!! Simply stunning. Great quality, fabulous wrapping, and quick shipping. This sun & moon necklace is one of my all time favorite purchases from Etsy (and I’ve purchased hundreds of great items)! Very pleased with this. 100 Etsy stars!!"  - Cassie

"Love my new 3rd eye chakra necklace! Absolutely precious! Very dainty and cute!" - Christine

"My friend that I purchased this for literally cried when she opened it. She thinks its beautiful and so do I. Thank you!" - Kati

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